Nursing Support/Consultation

Breastfeeding may be natural but that doesn't mean it is easy.  

Come join Lea Todaro's Community Breastfeeding Support group 
every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month from 2-3pm at 
Area Yoga Studio  
144 Montague St.
Cost $20/drop ins welcome. 

This group is to gain both general information and to receive support on specific questions or topics, such as mild nipple pain, changes in frequency, or introducing a bottle.  A scale is available for weight checks or pre/post weighs to evaluate feeding.  For more in depth support 1:1 appointments can be scheduled by going to   In office appointments are $150.  In home appointments are $250.  If you are an AETNA customer please let Lea know so she can bill your insurance directly.

Lea Todaro Lactation Consultant
Private consultation
Nursing Support Group

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