Monday, February 24, 2014

But Who is Soothing You?

They depend on you....and your well-being depends on their well-being, that's  motherhood!
At Mama Bear's Picnic, this Wednesday, February 26th, we will have a chance to air out all our "Well-Being Issues" with therapist, Olivia Bergeron. Olivia is well experienced in leading group discussions and in her private practice, specializes in motherhood concerns, including postpartum depression. Whether you are simply encountering adaption challenges or suspect your mental state could use some professional support, Olivia will help us with our parental perceptions and teach some skills for refilling  our own "giving wells", and restoring balance. More can be learned about Olivia Bergeron on her website. More can be learned about yourself by joining our picnic Wednesday. Olivia presents at about 2:30 and will be available after for a private mini-consult if you desire.


$20 for picnic and presentation or slide your own rate down
$20 additional for a private mini-consult with Olivia

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