Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dynamic Mama! Postpartum Pilates Joins Our Picnic, Wednesday, Feb 19th

Postnatal Pilates Specialist, 
Frances Darnell 
will be our featured presenter at this week's picnic.
Her presentation is entitled,
"Dynamic Mama: How To Regain Your Core And Reconnect To Yourself With Baby".  Below is her write-up.
Frances is committed and filled with dedication. All Mama Bears can look forward to learning much about their mamabody and how adapt to changes and new potentials.
Frances will also be available for individual posture assessments afterwards.
As usual, bring baby, bring food if wanted, come as you are, nursing supported, judgement-free, babywear preferred some stroller space. Call for more info: Jody, 718-624-5489 or email: brooklynheightsprenatal@gmail.com
Here is a link to Frances Darnell's website (click)

Dynamic Mama
How to regain your core and reconnect to yourself with baby

As a mama, do you feel like your core is really weak?

Have some back pain that is new?

Feel like you've lost a deep connection to your body?

Your body has gone through an incredible transformation.
Now is the time to connect to your core & discover the Dynamic Mama that you are.

Frances Darnell expert pre & post-natal Pilates teacher will share with you safe postpartum exercises and self-care practices to reconnect to your core, balance your pelvis and get in shape in the 0-12 months postpartum.

You will gain a deeper understanding of your changing anatomy while strengthening it. Every woman needs to know these safe exercises and self-care practices to realign your body, reduce discomfort, and speed recovery postpartum.

Bio: Frances Darnell, is a certified Pilates instructor from the Kane School of Core Integration in New York. She is an expert in Prenatal and Postpartum Pilates and a specialist in Pilates for fertility and Yoga for the female Pelvis. She created Dynamic Core to help women feel empowered in their bodies by helping them deeply connect to their core and balance their pelvic floor. She works with women privately as well as in groups supporting their fertility, through pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.
Frances is passionate about providing much needed support to help moms rehabilitate their abdominals, strengthen, reconnect and realign post-partum. She believes happy, healthy moms will create a more peaceful world.

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