Monday, February 10, 2014

Wednesday's Picnic Features Lea Todaro, Lactation Consultant

Express Yourself!
This Wednesday, Feb 12th, at Mama Bears Picnic we will be visited by "Brooklyn's Best" Lactation Consultant, Lea Todaro. Picnic floor opens at 2pm. Bring Baby Bear, food  for yourself, and afternoon babybag. Bring your breastpump if you would like. Around 2:30, Lea will field questions regarding breastfeeding in general, and specifically speak to your issues around milk pumping. Your questions can be answered "in the round", or in a private mini-consultation with Lea, after the presentation, for an additional mini-consultation fee. The picnic afternoon continues with discussion, conversation and networking, baby dancing, and photo ops. Bring a colorful or funny baby blanket and we will take pictures. Costumes, props and accessories a plus! Beverage supplied. Arrive at any time, 2-5pm. $20 for picnic with presentation $10 picnic only or reduced rate. $25 additional for appointment with Lea (schedule in advance, email Jody, or day of). Babywear preferred. Some stroller space available.
Area Yoga 144 Montague St. Presented by Brooklyn Heights Prenatal

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