Monday, May 5, 2014

Infant Safety Comes to Mama Bears, May 7th!

From Newborn Safety to Prepping For Crawlers.........
Safety Master, Mitch Cynamon tells all!

Mitch is a highly acclaimed Safety Consultant with a specialty in infant safety and CPR (link).

Mitch will be our guess speaker at Mama Bears Picnic this Wednesday, May 7th.

Doors open at 2pm. Mitch will begin his presentation about 3pm and will include a Q&A.

Basic Safety and safety tips will be taught. CPR is will be reserved for sign-up session.

As Mama Bears we want to be completely aware of all precautions, even the ones we haven't thought of. Come for an enjoyable afternoon with other moms and babies, get your questions answered and your mind opened!!!

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