Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Child'SpaceNYC visits Mama Bears Picnic Today!!!

Today, at Mama Bears we will be treated to a joyful and educational sample class led by Dan Rindler, 
Feldenkrais Practioner and founder of Child'SpaceNYC. Dan will arrive at 3:30 to begin an hour long class for us Moms and New Babies (newborn thru pre-crawl). Dan's focus will be on baby movements. development, and bonding touch and he incorporates his methods with music and joy and his complete enthusiasm and dedication to the growth of our little beings.

As always, doors at Area Yoga, 144 Montague St open at 2pm for a delightful clan gathering of cozy, comfort, chat and chill. All new moms and babies are welcome. Bring baby, your lunch, snacks, and all you need for an afternoon out. Dan's presentation begins around 3:30. Not to be missed. In all, a great way to spend a rainy afternoon!

BabyWear preferred, strollers okay.
Extremely nursing, bottle, and casual friendly
$20/or whatever

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