Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Weds. March 4th Mama Bears Picnic with Presentation: "What is Attachment Parenting?"

Here in the U.S., how we raise our babies is up to each parent, with only basic legal guidelines that insure life and growth. But how we respond, interact, behave with our baby, and expect them to behave with us is as personal and individual as each baby and parent. But if we were to look at our relationship and our baby-caring actions we would see that they are determined by our PRINCIPLES, as well as love, comfort, fatigue, criticism, cooperation, etc.
Have you identified your principles?
Have you stated with words or in your heart how you believe a child, your child "should" be brought up? Have you originated your thoughts, incorporated ideas you have been exposed to, read books, spoken with others? Have you kept the baby and the bathwater, or thrown out one, or both? Let's explore!
Dr. Beatrice Kraemer
At Wednesday's Mama Bear Picnic, March 4th we will be treated to a presentation on the theory and practice of Attachment Parenting by Dr. Beatrice Kraemer, of Parenting At Its Best.
Dr. Kraemer will lay out the theory, share supporting evidence and anecdotes, teach us something new, confirm things we already know, and open up the discussion into practical applications.
I was raised in the 1950's according to Dr. Spock, as were my peers, your parents too, perhaps.
"We turned out okay."
Well, not really..........
The point is, mothers and fathers raise, doctors and scientists codify and then publish the how-to's and the why-do's.
As parents, we navigate the wealth of information and evidence that floods us from every source, and hopefully tailor according to our situation.
And if we have the love, the awareness of our own principles, and the courage to live accordingly, we are making a new world for a new being.
Come to Mama Bears! Doors are open 2-5pm. Presentation about 3pm.
Two websites that speak about Attachment Parenting:
Attach From Scratch
Beyond the Attachment Parenting Controversy

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