Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Baby Massage Workshop-Sunday, April 27th 3:30-5:30@Area Yoga/Montague-BabyBear with one or both ParentBears

First Workshop produced by "Mama Bears"! Open to all. 
Baby Massage Workshop on Montague St

Most everyone loves to be massaged, but do you know what massage can do for your baby?
Skin-to-skin is where your baby’s world begins. Through massaging your baby, you can stimulate mental growth, and foster lifelong bonding skills.
You can calm your baby, glide baby into relaxation, and promote good sleeping.
You can aid with your baby’s digestion and help to treat colic.
And your baby will love it!!!!

This is a two hour afternoon event for babies and parents (one or two) to learn specific baby massage techniques and routines, and to learn new ways of connecting with our new selves as parents, deepening our bond with baby, and strengthening a healthy sense of family well-being.

On Sunday April 27th from 3:30 to 5:30 at Area Yoga 144 Montague St “Mama Bears Picnic” will host Ellynne Skove, Perinatal Specialist and Director of GoGo Babies, for a fun yet serious “playshop” of Baby Massage and more. Everything you need for this event will be supplied, you need only show up in comfortable clothes as we are going floor style. Babies are 5 weeks through pre-crawl. We are a nursing and bottle friendly environment. Babywear is preferred, though there is some room for strollers.
The fee for this course is $55 per family, which includes a take home manual.  We have space for 8 families. We would love to have you!

Pre registration is required. Please write or phone 
Jody 718-624-5489 
Mama Bears Picnic

For babies 5 weeks to rolling & their parents
3:30 – 5:30 p.m.@ AREA YOGA 144 Montague St
$55 pre-registration required
Taught by Ellynne Skove LCAT, NCC, RPP, DMT-BC
·      Develop deeper bonding and attachment
·      Nurture body and mind development through touch
·      Learn techniques to help soothe and calm baby
·      Learn ways to nurture nervous system regulation
·      Create useful sleep rituals using massage
·      Learn techniques to address congestion, colic, and digestive issues
·      Find ways to help feel centered, grounded, & relaxed amidst new parenting

Ellynne Skove is a licensed therapist, yoga & developmental movement specialist, and bodyworker with a background in pre and perinatal psychology and health.  She is the Director of GoGo Babies & True North Wellness
Produced by Brooklyn Heights Prenatal/
Mama Bears Picnic
Register at brooklynheightsprenatal@gmail.com

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