Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wednesday, April 9th at Mama Bears

Tired of hibernating. Come to our get together, moms and babies

Mama Bears Picnic invites all recent mothers and their babies to our Wednesday afternoon get togethers. This week our guest presenter will be Well Being Therapist, Flora Margolis. Flora is a practicing therapist in these Brooklyn neighborhoods, with a specialty in the issues that concern new mothers. Tomorrow her discussion will focus on: struggling with your new identity as a mom, coping with no sleep, relationship changes, and work/home life balance. She will address questions and subjects from the group and offer a brief and useful “mindfulness” practice.

Mama Bears is held every Wednesday at Area Yoga, 144 Montague St, 2nd floor. 
Doors open at 2pm and presentation will begin at 2:30. Bring your lunch, Babybear, newborn through pre-crawl, and all you need for an afternoon out. Juice will be provided. Babywear is preferred, but some stroller space is available.

Flora Margolis
Mama Bears is nursing and bottle friendly and welcomes all. $20 or slide your own fee. 

Click pic for link to Flora Margolis' website.

More info? Jody 718-624-5489

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