Monday, March 23, 2015

March 25th: Is Your Baby Ready For Solids? Your Nursing and Feeding Questions Answered!

This week, our guest will be Lactation Consultant and Baby Feeding Expert, Lea Todaro, who will field any questions or concerns you may have with nursing, bottlefeeding, pumping, and introducing solid foods. As she will be here for the afternoon, I have asked her to address the topic of Solid Food. This presentation will begin about 3pm. In the hour before (2-3pm) Lea will hold q&a about nursing, bottle and pumping. Lea is a gem! Not only is she knowledgable and experienced, she is charming, grounded, and nurturing.
Lea Todaro (middle) has years of lactation consulting experience both in the
home and hospital setting
Lea knows all the ins and outs. Pun intended. Also, bring anything with you that you would like inspected or explained, such as the pump you just got. This will be a most educational picnic indeed! 


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